"Biology and Conservation of the European Wildcat"

More than four years after the last meeting of wildcat experts in Nienover, Germany, the NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.) invited for a three day symposium on the conservation of the European wildcat. Since the last meeting the knowledge on wildcat ecology increased a lot due to the field work of several research teams. The aim of the symposium was to bring these teams together to discuss especially questions which could not be solved by one single team due to limited number of observed individuals or special landscape features. The focus was set on the following questions:
1) Hybridization and risk of infection by domestic cat - a threat to wild living populations?
2) reproductive success, mating behaviour, and life span - what strategy do wildcats have?
3) ffh - reports/ monitoring - which methods should be used?
4) habitat utilization in different landscapes - species of forest or semi-open landscape?
5) conservation of the wildcat - which measures are practicable?
6) migrations - do wildcats have juvenile dispersal?
75 Experts from 9 European countries came to Fischbach within the transboundary Biosphere Reserve "Vosges du Nord - Pfälzerwald" to discuss distribution, ecology and behaviour of this rare species.
The symposium was organized by one single person - Dr. Mathias Herrmann - and consisted of oral presentations, posters and different workshops.
Here you find the abstracts of the conference "Biology and Conservation of the European Wildcat".

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